Let's talk about conjugated linoleic acid

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Let's talk about conjugated linoleic acid
      Oleic acid, also known as stearic acid, is widely found in vegetable oils and can be up to 80% in safflower oil.Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid of human body,
and also an important material to maintain life.Linoleic acid can esterify with cholesterol, play the role of reducing serum, liver and blood cholesterol in the body.

    Conjugated linoleic acid is a Conjugated isomer of linoleic acid. It is called Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).It is generally believed that linoleic acid is converted into conjugated linoleic acid by isomerase action in the rumen of ruminants. However, human body cannot synthesize linoleic acid by itself, so it must be ingested from ruminants with higher CLA content, such as cows and cows, or CLA nutritional supplements.

Conjugated linoleic acid was discovered in the late 20th century.In recent decades, scientists around the world to be a lot of research, have found that this material has the regulating blood lipid, immune regulation, a variety of important physiological functions such as reducing weight, is the alpha linolenic acid, gamma linolenic acid, arachidonic acid, EPA and DHA, then a kind of extremely important functional lipid, is the American FDA (us food and drug administration) of food supplements, and the FDA for the record in the United States.

After a large number of studies, it has been found that it has a variety of important physiological functions, such as reducing blood lipid, fighting atherosclerosis, regulating blood sugar, improving body immunity, reducing fat and increasing muscle, improving bone density, and fighting cancer.The CLA conjugated double bond can remove the atherosclerotic plaque on the vascular wall, restore the integrity of cell membrane and vascular elasticity, and normalize blood pressure.CLA is not only safe and effective in lowering blood pressure without any side effects, but also can significantly reduce fat content and improve sleep.CLA has been shown to improve glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity and hyperinsulinemia in diabetic rats. CLA is considered as a potential drug for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes.T lymphocytes are a very important class of immune cells in animal and human body. CLA can effectively promote the division of T lymphocytes and the production of specific antibodies in human body, so as to improve the ability to remove pathogenic microorganisms and enhance immunity.CLA can reduce fat and increase muscle mass in the following ways :(1) increase the metabolic rate of fat, so that more fat from food can be oxidized into muscle cells, and then energy can be effectively utilized;(2) increase the rate of lipid degradation in fat cells, reduce fat reserves in the body, and make fat cells smaller;(3) reduce the number of fat cells.

Application of conjugated linoleic acid

1、Food supplement

As a food supplement, CLA has been on the market in the United States since 1994. It is one of the popular supplements recommended by the American food society.