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CLA TG Powder

The microencapsulated CLA are made of high quality CLA with Denmark Spray Direr machine .It keeps all physiological functions of CLA. Moreover,it is easily to be transported and processed because of its powder form with good fluidness .Microencapsulated CLA can be consumed by children .therefore the microencapsulated  CLA has a brilliant market .

Application :The microencapsulated CLA can be used in dietary supplement and select functional food applications


Available in 25KG, net weight, barrier pouches shipped in drums.

Storage conditions:

Product should be stored as originally packaged at or blow+20℃


In its original packing ,the product is stable for at least 12months ,(1years) if pouch has not been opened .

Once properly resealed, the product will remain stable for the balance of the 12month period

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